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Dec 13, 2018

New site walsh.llc

Swim-Bike-Run Speeds 3.3.1 Fixed Data Loss issue

Feb 15, 2014

We wanted to give you an update on the data loss issue found with version 3.3.0. An updated version 3.3.1 is now available for download and has corrected the data loss. From our initial testing and user feedback, we found that all of your data will be restored with this upgrade.

There are other performance issues with the product and we will be working hard to correct them as quickly as possible in the next week.

Again, we can’t apologize enough for the issues we had with version 3.3.0. We are always working to deliver the best possible product to our users and have failed.

In the upcoming months we will be working on making the app better for you as an athlete. Here are just a few enhancements we are going to make:
- Ability to track equipment
- Ability to track workouts with GPS
- Improve app layout and user interaction
- Add additional historical charting

We do appreciate your business and understand your frustration, but please know that we will improve our delivery so that this does not happen again.

Thank you for you business,
Walsh iTechnology

Swim-Bike-Run Speeds Data issue

Feb 13, 2014

We are aware of the issue and are very sorry that we did not see this issue in our testing of this release. We found it was an issue with iOS 7 for some users and it causes complete data loss.

There are a few ways you can restore your data:
- If you had set up sync/backup on the app, you can restore all your data. Once our next version 3.3.1 is available (next few days) you can sync with our servers to refresh your data.
- The only other option is…you will have to restore your device from a backup you made on iCloud or your computer.

We have reached out to Apple to get a fix to our users and that will be available in a few days.

Again, we are very sorry about this and are hopeful that you can restore you data that you have lost.

Thank you,
Walsh iTechnology

Site Refresh

Jan 10, 2014

All new website for you viewing pleasure.

Swim-Bike-Run and Basic Baby iOS updated

Jan 07, 2014

We fixed a few small bugs with the Swim-Bike-Run and Basic Baby.

Swim-Bike-Run Speeds v3.0

March 06, 2013

MAJOR update to Swim-Bike-Run Speeds apps! Take a look here for more detail.

Common Refresh Control

Nov 21, 2012

New to iOS 6 is UIRefreshControl, a native pull down to refresh logic Apple added in. I created some code to subclass your UITableViewController and add this new logic with just a few lines of code to your UITableViewController. Enjoy.

WWDC 2012

May 28, 2012

Off to SFO in two weeks for the Apple conference, my first of many WWDC’s... looking forward to it! Look for new releases of the apps soon. Speeds apps should be out this week and Baby out next week.


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Basic Baby

This APP is designed for mothers and caretakers by moms who know how overwhelming it can be to keep track of babies basic needs (especially at 3am!). This APP will help you maintain your sanity while you care for your newborn (or any age baby that’s still wearing diapers!)

Swim-Bike-Run Speeds

The perfect app for the athletes wanting to know the distance, time, pace and speed quickly and log your workout details. A perfect calculator to determine your workouts distance, time, pace and speed quickly and easily. Also, log your workouts with calorie/kJ location, weather, elevation, Heart Rate, Activity, and Notes.


We simply wanted to make an app to make creating splits easier and give you the ability to generate pace bands for your races. That is want this app does...enjoy.